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I Want to Start My Own Business

Filed under: Premier Designs Jewelry - 19 Dec 2008

For the last year or so, I have been telling myself that it’s time for me to start my own business. I’m a smart and talented individual, and it simply doesn’t make sense why I’m putting one hundred percent …

Have You Heard About Premier Designs Jewelry?

Filed under: Premier Designs Jewelry - 19 Dec 2008

Have you heard about a company called Premier Designs Jewelry? Whether or not you have heard about this company before, if you have any interest in starting your own business (especially if that business is related to jewelry), you …

Find Out More About the Premier Designs Jewelry Company

Filed under: Premier Designs Jewelry - 30 Oct 2008

The Premier Designs Jewelry Company was founded back in 1985. The company was founded on two simple principles: to support ministries around the globe (including in Irving, Texas, which is where the company was founded) and to provide a …