Top 5 Jewelry Trends In 2013

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The summer is coming soon and you need to be prepared. Women from all over the world love beautiful accessories that can complement all their outfits. Accessories are extremely charming and they can easily help you draw the attention. Well, if you want to look perfectly each moment of the day, you should pick the trendiest jewelry to accessorize your outfits in 2013. Here you will find all the information you may need to complement your outfits in a spectacular manner, with the trendiest jewelry in sale.

1. Snake designs

The jewelry trend of the year is actually considered to be the snake design. Snake accessories have become amazing popular and they definitely are a must have in 2013. Snake bracelets and rings are extremely beautiful to wear on all outfits, but only snake earrings can make you the star of all parties you decide to attend.


2. Victorian Antique inspired jewelry

One of the most popular looks when it comes to 2013 jewelry is the Victorian Antique look. Numerous famous jewelry designers have already adopted this style. Styles may vary from one manufacturer to another, but all models that are inspired from the Victorian area are elegant, stylish and simply beautiful.


3. Oversized watches

Ladies who you plan on being in trends in 2013 when it comes to jewelry should know that oversized watches simply are a must have. Oversized watches, which have been quite popular in 2012, too, have come back, even though with a new approach. So, if you plan on being fashionable in 2013, you actually need a mixture of oversized watches with various additional jewelery. Oversized or multiple bracelets can help you achieve the look you desire, a more causal look.


4. Neon jewelry

Neon color is considered to be the most vibrant color for jewelry in 2013. Neon jewelery are extremely fashionable, complementing in a perfect manner all outfits. No matter if you opt for earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets in this color, they are perfect to put your outfit in value.


5. Geometric designs

Geometric jewelry is back in trends in 2013. They will look so amazing on all your outfits that you will most likely wonder why haven’t you started to use them much sooner. These jewelry are beautiful, fashionable and absolutely perfect.


There are numerous beautiful accessories you may easily find in sale nowadays. Pick the ones that best match your needs, but also your taste. After all, the accessories we use express our personality and they should be fitted to it.

Accessorize Your Outfits with Premiere Designs Jewelry

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The jewelries made by Premiere Designs are simply gorgeous and can be worn on various different occasions, since they come in a wide array of styles. Here are some great ideas of how to accessorize your outfits with Premiere Designs jewelry, regardless of whether you have a more office, casual or romantic clothing style.

  • At school or at the office

When attending a class, you have to dress more conservatory, but this does not mean that your outfits should be dull and boring. The same principle applies to office wear. You can opt for white shirts and the classic blue jeans, which you can accessorize with colorful Premiere Designs jewelry.

  • On a date

Dressing up for a date is quite challenging for most girls. However, the right accessories can really make an impression and save you a lot of trouble. Red is a great color to wear on dates, especially when it comes to jewelry. Spice things up with heels or pumps and a red nail polish, and you are ready to go!

  • When hanging out with the girls

You and your friends may be BFF, but you should never forget that women are judgmental and they always critique one’s fashion style. Even if your friends know you since forever, this does not mean that you should not dress nice when hanging out with them. Get inspired from the outfits below and wear them the next time you go for a coffee, go see a movie, or go shopping with your pals.

  • At a party

Black will never go out of style. And black is the new…black. One can never go wrong with a little black dress or black top and heels. If you know how to complement your outfit with the right accessories, you will surely be the star of the party. Premiere Designs jewelry is here to help you with that by offering you some great ideas on outfits and accessories you can wear to a party.

These are some great ways to match your Premiere Designs jewelry with your clothes. Remember that even the dullest outfit can be greatly emphasized by the right set of accessories, so do not ignore the impact that jewelry can have on both your appearance and your mood. So, get inspired from these pictures and get ready to be admired!

Image source: Indulgy

Precious Stones In Engagement Rings

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The engagement ring is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever have to purchase. This ring is a special jewel that symbolizes the love you and your partner share. There is no wonder after all that everyone is looking for a perfect engagement ring.

Nowadays, diamonds are the most popular gemstones used in engagement rings. However, it is important to know that they are not the only precious stones you can purchase. No matter the material, the ring settings or the type of precious stone used, engagement rings have to symbolize the love between a girl and her boyfriend.

Engagement rings meaning

Actually, engagement rings have been used for centuries. Rings have always symbolized the connection between a woman and a man, being used both for the engagement and the wedding. A ring placed on the fourth finger of the left hand stood for love in Ancient Greek, as it has been believed that this finger has a direct connection to the heart.

Type of precious stones

Precious stones can also have different meanings. Diamonds for instance are believed to symbolize eternal love, while rubies stand for romance. Below you can find out more about the meaning of each precious stone and you may be able to easier make your choice on which one to buy.

1. Diamonds

Diamonds have been used for centuries in engagement rings. The first diamond ring offered as an engagement present dates back to 1477. This was the moment when Maximilian I of Austria offered a diamond ring to Mary of Burgandy. Diamonds became more accessible to people from all over the world starting with 1867. Back then impressive diamonds were discovered in South Africa.

This discovery made diamonds an option for numerous people. Nowadays, diamonds are commonly used in engagement rings. They are valuable, beautiful, durable and really elegant. They symbolize eternal love.

2. Sapphires

Sapphires have also been used in engagement rings for a long period of time. They stand for romantic love, but also for truth and commitment. Back in the 12th century sapphire rings were offered to women to test their fidelity. It was commonly believed that these precious stones would change their color if the wife was unfaithful.

Sapphires are considered to be some of the most exquisite types of precious stones. Royalties have received sapphire rings for their engagements, too, the most obvious example being Lady Diana.

3. Emeralds

Emeralds are among the rarest, most beautiful and durable types of gemstones. They are actually rarer and more durable than diamonds. Throughout the years it has been believed that emeralds have extreme healing powers. They were thought to be able to cure even leprosy or dysentery.

Nowadays, emeralds are popular precious stones for engagement rings. Their beauty, quality and uniqueness make women from all over the world want to wear them.

4. Rubies

Rubies are amazingly valuable precious stones. A high quality ruby can be far more expensive than a diamond. Rubies have always been known as the king of gems. Royal families usually use rubies in the jewelry they wear.

Rubies are perfect choices for engagement rings as they symbolize romance, love and commitment.

No matter which of these precious stones you will choose for your engagement ring, you can be quite sure that it will look spectacular.

Premier Designs Jewelry – Now Or Never

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The Premier Designs Jewelry company is at the moment in which they are changing their collections, which means that some of the jewelries will be taken out of the collections and will be replaced with other brand new models. Therefore, if you love Premier Designs Jewelry, you have to make sure that you buy the pieces that have caught your eye while you still have a chance. Here is a video of the best Premier Designs jewelry pieces that you must buy in the near future:

As you can see from the video, there are a lot of necklaces that you can wear from Premier Designs Jewelry. Some of them come in sets, either simply with earrings, while some also with bracelets. More to this, there are other elements that you can add to them, such as the multifunctional slide pendants, which alter the look of the jewelry completely. One of the great examples of the jewelry you will see is the multifunctional long necklace presented, which can be shaped and worn in a variety of ways with the help of the slide pendant.

Another great thing that you have to note about the video presentation is that you do not have to worry about how to wear the jewelry, because you are presented with a great variety of choices on how to wear the jewelry pieces together and on how to use the necklaces to create new looks for these pieces, as well as for yourself. So, if there are pieces that you love in the collection, make sure that you ask a Premier Designs Jewelry representative for these pieces as soon as possible.

2012 Jewelry Trends

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2012 jewellery trends are mainly classic and natural pieces. Plus, this year, jewellery trends focus on recycled and raw pieces, ranging from classic to exotic, so the variety is impressive.

Nonetheless, a few things that were a trend in 2011, will continue this year as well: a mix of vintage with a contemporary touch and big rings. 2012 will also be about big gemstones, natural geodes, crystals and bright colours, including unexpected color combinations.


Premier designs jewelry provides a wide variety of pieces, so you will definitely find all you need to stay in trend.

One of the most important jewellery trends of this year are:

  • chandelier earrings, which are very feminine and elongate your neck. Plus, they are beautiful and by wearing them, your evening look can become luxurious and stylish in a minute. Such earrings can me made from expensive materials, but also from less expensive equivalents such as plastic
  • floral fantasy jewellery is ideal as during this season, flowers are a great hit and they are featured also on bags, clothing and shoes. Spring/Summer 2012 collections including rings, bracelets and even hair pins have been inspired by flowers
  • ethnic influence is great due to knitted, fringe elements, as well as interesting and beautiful feathers. It can also feature ribbons and wooden details. You can match such details in your hair with the ethnic pieces of jewellery as this year the motto is” the more, the better”


  • sea-inspired jewelry is also a wonderful and important trend in 2012 and includes necklaces made of shells, as well as iridescent crystals, sea-star rings, pearl and fish-scale earrings, but the diversity is wider
  • multilayer necklaces are elegant, stylish and they look great. Your look will be chic and you can wear one or several multilayer necklaces in different colours or in the same color
  • genuine stones are wonderful and you can find many interesting shapes and colors


  • bracelets in geometric shapes are also very beautiful; they may be round, cubic, triangle and are very trendy. They may look pretty tough, but when they are entwined with the right outfit, the effect is amazing

Follow this useful recommendations and you will look amazing and will be in trends this year.

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